What will the Toronto GTA Real Estate Market be like in 2019?

Monday Feb 11th, 2019


Forcast for Sring 2019 The Toronto Real Esate Board recently released its 2019 Market Outlook. http://communications3.torontomls.net/newstand/news/2019/mn1902/pdf/nr_market_watch_0119.pdf TREB is predicting a moderate growth in 2019, with the Stress test imposed by the government in 2018 playing a big role in affordability.  We will likely see moderate price growth this year due to some economic uncertainty and strickter lending rules . Manny Buyers who moved to the... [read more]

My take on the current market

Wednesday Jul 26th, 2017


With so many changes in the market, I have recently been getting a lot of calls/emails with questions such as, "Is this a good time to buy?" or "Should we wait to buy?" "Will prices continue to decline?" etc... And when you ask around enough, you will come up with a lot of different answers. After spending 15 years in this business, I believe I have a pretty good idea of the current market and what may affect it in the future. Is this a good time to... [read more]

Port Credit Master Plan

Tuesday Apr 11th, 2017


Our waterfront is more than a shoreline - it's a community. The City has been exploring opportunities on the Mississauga waterfront at 1 Port Street East, owned by Canada Lands Company, and 70 Mississauga Road South, owned by Imperial. The City has created plans blending the needs and interests of the community, the landowners and the City. There are unique opportunities at these waterfront sites to create vibrant, inspiring places where people will choose to be. We need to set the right... [read more]